Trade Lesson 5 PowerPoint Presentation
Trade Lesson 5 PowerPoint Presentation

Time: 60 minutes
Skills: Holistic Thinking
Objective 5
Related Resources:
- Krugman, P.R., and Obstfeld, M. (2008). The Instruments of Trade Policy. In International Economics: Theory & Policy, 8th Edition, Pearson-Addison-Wesley. (pp 182-211). Boston: Pearson. 
PowerPoint Presentation Global Trade Lesson 5.pptx

Read the relevant chapters in the recommended texts and look for online data for the latest figures of global trade.

Present the PowerPoint presentation. Questions are embedded in the slides. Use the glossary to define any unknown terms

Make a summary of the effects of the different instruments on trade policy.  Ask the students to think about how their opinion of the impact of these policies would change if they lived in China or in Brazil?

If you are asked to adopt a single trade policy, which one would you support and why?

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