Technology Lesson 6 Student Research
Technology Lesson 6 Student Research

Time: 15 minutes
Skills: Holistic Thinking, Cross-Cultural Communications and Technology Skills
Objective 2
Related Resources:
- Ghazvinian, John. (2007, April 2). Untapped: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil. In Slate. Retrieved from:
- Tucker, Richard. (2007). The Tropical Cost of the Automotive Age: Corporate Rubber Empires and the Rainforest. In Insatiable Appetite: The United States and the Ecological Degradation of the Tropical World (113-150). New York: Rowman & Littlefield Pub., Inc.

Students (individually or in small groups) conduct online research for class presentation and/or short paper on different global case studies of the politics, geopolitics, or environmental implications of oil production and distribution (e.g. domestic politics of oil production or conservation in Alaska; Venezuelan oil and Latin American geopolitics; oil and the strategic impulse behind war in Iraq; oil and the wars in Sudan; oil and issues of global warming; etc.).

To bring holistic thinking skills to this activity, students should compare and contrast two different case studies, or examine how the individual case-study impacts different populations within the country, or examine how the case study reflects on wider trends around the world.

To bring cross-cultural communications skills to this activity, students should prepare the presentation with a particular audience in mind, for example this presentation is for the Nigerian cabinet, aid officials working in the Darfur region, etc.

To bring technology skills to this activity, students should prepare multi-media presentations and should analyze data to strengthen their arguments.

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