Activity By Skills: Cross-Cultural Communications

  Trade Lesson 6 Ethical Issues Activity on Sugar Prices

In class, all four groups will meet and negotiate a position paper that outlines the new sugar agreement, covering all five major issues.

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  Sustainability: Olympic Bid Project

This activity was developed and piloted by Sarah Zipp at SUNY Cortland. Project:                        Olympic Bid City Type:                           Group Oral Presentation:       15-20 minute + discussion.  Business attire. Written Report:           6-8 pages, double spaced, 12 pt type Instructions: Students will deliver …

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  Assessment: Environmental Protection

You are a member of one of the following groups (your choice): An international group of business leaders An international group of officials from the UN’s environmental agencies An international group of members of environmentalist NGOs An international group of …

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  Sustainability Lesson 6 Hook

Place students in pairs or groups. Have them compare and discuss the results of their Personal Energy Meter evaluations.

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  Sustainability Lesson 5 Conclusion

Ask student to respond to the following task (write, pair-share, etc)

Explain to Prof. Yao Qiang the varied political and cultural attitudes in the US that would shape responses to his statement:

Yao Qiang, a professor of thermal engineering at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, quoted by Evan Osnos:

“If the government does nothing, the technology is doomed to fail.”

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  Sustainability Lesson 4 Panel Debate on Global Warming

The panel debate is an additional option and it could be combined with the panel conclusion.

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  Global Banking Lesson 2 Ethical Issue Activity World Bank Reform

Divide students into three groups. One group would represent the IMF or World Bank officials, the second group the rich countries, the third group the developing countries. Each group should create a short presentation outlining the necessary steps to reform the IMF or World Bank.

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  Demographics Lesson 6 Conclusion

Write a brief response to the following questions.
1) How well do the family histories analyzed in our class correspond with the following quote?
2) What difference would it make if our class sampling was more globally representative, rather than primarily US-focused?

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  Health Lesson 4 Conclusion: Reflection and Application

Our readings emphasized global health and the videos focused on cultural diversity in theUnited States. How are these connected and what are the implications for health care providers and delivery systems?

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  Nationalism and State Sovereignty Lesson 3 Persian Nationalism in the 21st Century

The instructor brings students to the website about the Shahnameh, which is a series of hero tales of ancient Persia. In groups, the students examine the site’s cartoons, books, and images and discuss how the modern rendition of ancient Persian literature depicts the themes of nationalism conveyed in the primary documents.

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