Review Questions for the Module
Review Questions for the Module

1) Where is the majority of the human population located in regional terms? What are the three largest countries today?

2) During what period of human history to the population begin to grow exponentially? Why?

3) Where do demographers expect human population to level off?

4) How are the crude birth rate and crude death rate calculated? How is the rate of natural increase calculated?

5) How long will it take for a population to double in size if the rate of natural increase stays steady at 2.0?

6) What does the total fertility rate measure? What is a high number and what is a low number? What rate is considered replacement rate?

7) What was the basic population problem identified by Malthus?

8) What did Ehrlich recommend people do to avoid the future described in the population bomb?

9) What are some lessons from the Chinese experience of population control?