Health Lesson 6 Creating Health for All
Health Lesson 6 Creating Health for All

This lesson is the culmination of the Global Health Science module. It encourages students to use the content and context of the previous lessons to envision a world in which geographic, cultural and technological barriers have been addressed and health care is in fact a basic human right.

Relevant Learning Objectives
1. Identify the social, political and economic factors that lead to health inequities around the globe, discuss the impact of education and technology in addressing global health concerns and health inequalities
3 Understand the importance of cultural proficiency in understanding and addressing global health issues
4 Explore their own preconceptions and biases about the nature of health and medicine.


Pre-Class Assignments                       

  • Students read Sachs and WHO articles.

Possible Classroom Activities

  • Health Lesson 6 Introduction (0) Show the Youtube video to get students ready to discuss the concept of health for all.
  • Health Lesson 6 Health for All (0) The readings for today include two different sets of instructions to produce health for all. Each article focuses (largely or exclusively) on those living in poverty. Imagine that you are now the part of a working group at the World Health Organization tasked with creating health for all by 2020. Use your worksheet as a ...
  • Health Lesson 6 Conclusion Summary and Reflection (0) What are the most important things you have learned about global health? How has your thinking about global health issues changed?


Optional Resources