Health Lesson 5 Globalization, Technology and Health
Health Lesson 5 Globalization, Technology and Health

This lesson explores globalization and examines the impact that globalization has and could continue to have on global health issues. The impact of technology on health and ways in which technology could be used to decrease health disparities is also introduced and discussed.

Relevant Learning Objectives
1.  Identify the social, political and economic factors that lead to health inequities around the globe
2 Discuss the impact of education and technology in addressing global health concerns and health inequalities.


Pre-Class Assignments                       

  • Students read BBC and Harris and Seid articles.
    * Option:  Also assign the Fidler reading.

Possible Classroom Activities


  • BBC: Brazil to break AIDS drug patent. (2007, May 4). Retrieved from:
  • Fidler, David P. (2001). The globalization of public health: the first 100 years of international health diplomacy.In Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 79 (9). Retrieved from: [The tables could be used at the very least]
  • Harris, R.L. & Seid, M. J. (2004) Globalization and Health in the New Millennium. Perspectives on Global Development & Technology, 3, 1-2; 1-46.

*For this plan, the readings below should be provided to students after the role play.  An alternate plan for the lesson would be to assign them beforehand and modify the wording of the activity, perhaps adding the role of a Cipla company executive.

  • BBC: India stands to gain from ‘patent cliff’ . (2011, December 2011). Retrieved from

Optional Resources

  • How Wireless Technology is Changing Global Health & Empowering Women. (2010, October 27). Retrieved from: [Short video extolling use of wireless, could ask students if they agree or if there is another technology that is better suited to this issue] (3 min 20 sec)


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