Health Lesson 4 Culture and Health
Health Lesson 4 Culture and Health

This module gives definition of culture and many examples of how culture influences peoples’ behaviors and interactions related to health.

Relevant Learning Objectives
3. Understand the importance of cultural proficiency in understanding and addressing global health issues              
4. Address global health issues and explore their own preconceptions and biases about the nature of health and medicine.


Pre-Class Assignments

  • Students read Gerard, WHO Global Health Council articles.
  • Students choose and view at least two of the videos (5-6 min. each)

Possible Classroom Activities

  • Health Lesson 4 Introduction (0) What is culture? Put responses on board and discuss.
  • Health Lesson 4 Cultural Compass Activity (0) Pass out “Cultural Compass” to the students. “Your readings describe the enormous influence that culture can have on health and the ways which people interact with health resources. This exercise will help students think about their own culture(s) and the cultural messages that you go about health.
  • Health Lesson 4 Discussion of Culture and Health (1) In thinking about creating health programs and services, how should we take cultural beliefs into account?” Follow-up questions included.
  • Health Lesson 4 Conclusion: Reflection and Application (0) Our readings emphasized global health and the videos focused on cultural diversity in theUnited States. How are these connected and what are the implications for health care providers and delivery systems?


Optional Resources


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