Health Lesson 3 Global Health Disparities
Health Lesson 3 Global Health Disparities

This lesson introduces the idea of health disparities- that people’s access to health, and even how long they can expect to live, are shaped by factors, like geography, that are largely beyond individual control.

Relevant Learning Objectives 
1) Identify the social, political and economic factors that lead to health inequities around the globe,
2) Discuss the impact of education and technology in addressing global health concerns and health inequalities


Pre-Class Assignments                       

  • Students read the Gostin and Hodge and WHO articles.
    *Option:  Students also view the 15-min video A Slum Insight – OR see plan below to screen portions in class

Possible Classroom Activities


  • Gostin, L.O. & Hodge, J.G. (2007). Global health law, ethics and policy. In Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 34, 4, 519-525.
  • Health Resources Evaluation.
  • Population and Development Review. (2007). The World Health Organization on Health inequality, inequity, and social determinants of health. Population and Development Review, 33, 4; 839-843.
  • Rosling, H. (2010). A slum insight. A GapMinder Video available online at:

Optional Resources


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