Health Lesson 2 Measuring Global Health
Health Lesson 2 Measuring Global Health

This lesson discusses ways to evaluate global health, difficulties in finding objective and feasible measures. It also introduces the concept of health disparities.

Relevant Learning Objectives
1. Identify the social, political and economic factors that lead to health inequities around the globe

2. Discuss the impact of education and technology in addressing global health concerns.


Pre-Class Assignments

  • Students read the assigned article (Larson and Mercer). Ask that students visit and review at least three of the seven websites listed in the article as sites that provide global health indicators. (Skills: Technology)

Possible Classroom Activities


  • Developing Health Measures activity sheet
  • Larson, C. & Mercer, A. (2004). Global health indicators: An overview. In Canadian Medical Association Journal, 171, 10; 1199-1200. Available online at:

Optional Resources


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