Health Lesson 1 Introduction to Global Health
Health Lesson 1 Introduction to Global Health

This lesson gives a brief history of the global health movement, and introduces the concepts of social justice and health equity- key components of global health.

Relevant Learning Objectives 

1. Identify the social, political and economic factors that lead to health inequities around the globe

4. Explore their own preconceptions and biases about the nature of health and medicine.


Pre-Class Assignments

  • Students take the “Global Health Pre-Test
  • Students read the two assigned articles. (Garrett and Koplan et al.)

Possible Classroom Activities


  • Garrett, L. (2007). The challenge of global health. In Foreign Affairs, 86: 155-161.
  • Global Health Pre-Test
  • Koplan, J., Bond, T., Merson, K. ,Reddy, M., Rodriguez, M. Sewankambo, N. & Wasserheit, J. (2009) Towards a common definition of global health. In The Lancet, 373, 9679: 1993-1995.

Optional Resources


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