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Google Applications


Google Applications


Google applications are free products available to Google e-mail (g-mail) users. Using g-mail, individuals are able to access collaborative word processing software using a feature called “documents” or “Google Docs”.Google documents are designed for creating presentations and spreadsheets as well. 

Another application, “Google Sites” is available to create individual web pages and collaborative websites.

Google Docs and Google Sites provide an online shared space for “peer review”, communication, written assignments, and cultivate a “collaborative teaching and learning environment” (Educause 2008). Educators are combining Google documents and Google Sites to develop online writing portfolios (Cavender, 2012). Student essays or research papers are transformed by placing the associated text onto Google Site web pages.

Google applications are set to “private” or are shared as “public” on the web by changing the default settings.

Public applications are accessed using a link (URL address) and are usually updated by numerous editors. Each person with edit authority is able to modify the associated document, spreadsheet or presentation. Students are able to insert these items onto web pages using Google Sites. Multimedia such as pictures, You Tube videos and maps are also inserted onto the web pages. Using a web browser and a link, Google websites are visible to class members or outside participants for review. This is ideal for team projects and presentations. To learn more about Google Applications, visit 7 Things You Should Know About Google Apps.