Global Services Interview and Writing Activity
Global Services Interview and Writing Activity

Students develop a pamphlet for a US non-profit that describes how an international non-profit is dealing with the same issue.

ROLE: Program officer at a US non-profit service organization

AUDIENCE:  Your staff.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Create a three-fold pamphlet that gives your nonprofit agency’s personnel a global perspective on a public issue that they address locally.
1. Illustrate the global extent of a public issue that your non-profit addresses by describing the efforts of a non-U.S. nonprofit agency that tends to that issue elsewhere on the planet.  For example, if you are involved in an effort to train young mothers in “life skills” (which range from parenting to budgeting), identify an agency that fills that need in another country. 
2. Avoid presenting a message with which your readers are already familiar.  To meet this requirement, interview a person from the identified, international non-profit, if possible. (see “Interview,” below). 

1. ___ Create a three-fold pamphlet that gives your nonprofit agency’s personnel a unique global perspective on a public issue that they address locally. 
2. ___ Compare/contrast that agency’s efforts with those of your agency.
3. ___ Preserve specific individuals’ confidentiality.
4. Integrate information from 
a. ___ non-U.S. nonprofit agency’s website
b. ___At least two current (January 2005 or newer) periodicals – not books.  These sources can provide information about the public issue and/or about the international agency.  Be sure that
___ You use information from credible sources.
___ You use information from two different periodicals
___ At least one of those sources is paginated.
___ You quote two of those source, one time each
c. ___ information the following an online news source from another country or region (Optional)
5. ___ Include at least one properly-documented photo, chart, or graph.  Feel free to provide your own photo, or to create and use your own chart or graph (which you generate from data you discover through your research and/or experience).
6. ___ Include a link to the international nonprofit agency.
7. ___ Use APA formatting for your in-text citations and References section. 
Reminder:  Drafts and final projects without a References page will fail.
8. ___ Compose a 600- to 800-word message

Interview a staff member of the identified international non-profit. If not possible, see if you can interview someone from the same field in the target country. Interview can be done using Skype, or online chat programs.
1. Purpose – Begin to develop an understanding of your intended readers’…
a. Knowledge of the global extent of your pamphlet’s public issue 
b. Informational needs:  What kinds of info (statistical or narrative, for example) help her meet her professional responsibilities?
2. When you make your interview appointment,
a. Explain your purpose
b. Provide your questions
c. Tell her/him how much time you’ll need (15 to 20 minutes)
d. Set – and keep – the appointment
3. Question design: Open-ended, based on your purpose (see #1, above).  Be ready to
a. Paraphrase answers so that you confirm your understanding
b. Move off on an important tangent, if you are so inclined
WHEN  SUBMITTING your assignment, include (in your folder) the following items in this order:
3. A hard copy of these instructions stapled to your final draft (at the top of the packet)
4. Hard copies of drafts, with
a. appropriate due-dates b.  my comments c.  your Statement of Revisions (draft #2)
5. Research Record
6. Annotated hard copies of your reference material, including your interview notes
7. Outline(s) &/or pre-writing