Global Demographic Assessments: Essays
Global Demographic Assessments: Essays


Sample Question(s):

Population Control Policies

Based on what you’ve read about the trends in world population growth, the distribution of food, and the ability of parents around the world to plan the number of children they will have, what course of action do you believe the United States should take to influence world population growth trends. Be sure to support your position with readings and data. You may use outside readings and personal values to support your position but you must also refer to the course readings. In particular, if you disagree with them, be sure to acknowledge their evidence and discuss why you believe it is not relevant.

Multiple Population Theories

Explain the demographic processes that led to rapid population growth and those that are leading to aging populations. What challenges does each population process raise? Which of the challenges are the most pressing population concerns for the future and why? How is one’s perspective on population growth and aging influenced by the relative wealth of their country? Support your answer with concrete examples.

Population Growth: Theory

Discuss the central ideas and conclusions of the Malthusian Model and the Demographic Transition Model of Population Change.  What content in course materials inform your opinion about the validity of either or both of the theories.

Realities and Myths: Examining the Evidence

The food crisis in the ‘third world’ is “man-made”, it is not because of overpopulation, and workable solutions exist. 

In an attempt to refute the stated conclusions of the Malthusian model and with specific reference to a range of information from class readings and visuals respond to the three statements in the cartoons (see New Internationalist Cartoons in:

(The 3 myths/statements are: 1) there just is not enough food to support the world’s population; 2) It’s the weather that causes famine and no one can do anything about that; 3) science and better technology is the answer.)