Global Banking Lesson 3 Ethical Issue Activity 3
Global Banking Lesson 3 Ethical Issue Activity 3

Time: 15 minutes
Skills: Holistic Thinking
Objectives 2 and 3
Related Resources: n/a

The instructor provides the following scenario to the students:

You overhear your superior tell another manager in the company: ‘I am fed up with our nation’s companies sending manufacturing jobs abroad and off-shoring service work to lower-wage nations. Don’t any of them have any national pride?” The other manager responds, ‘I disagree. It is every company’s duty to make as much profit as possible for its owners. If that means going abroad to reduce costs, so be it.” Do you agree with either of these managers? Why or why not? Now step into the conversation and explain where you stand on the issue. Is there any ethical dilemma here?

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