Global Banking Lesson 1 Global Banking and Financial Institutions
Global Banking Lesson 1 Global Banking and Financial Institutions


This lesson explores the role of banks in facilitating trade and finance. It highlights different types of banks, and the role they play in the financial markets. The discussion then moves to regulation of international banking.

Relevant Module Objectives

  1. Explain basic concepts of global banking and finance.
  2. Articulate the fundamentals of international investment, exchange rates, and international banking.
  3. Compare and contrast the current issues in global banking and finance from different perspectives.
  4. Critically analyze the role of multilateral financial institutions in globalization.


Possible Classroom Activities

  • Global Banking Lesson 1 Hook (0) The instructor assigns Global Banking101 before class. To open the class, the instructor asks the following questions: How many students have a bank account or a credit card? How do banks stay in business and, for example, are able to offer interest on savings accounts?
  • Global Banking Lesson 1 Financial Products. (0) Today’s global financial markets are very complex, with many players trading different types of financial assets. The instructor should explain some of the basic types of financial investments.
  • Global Banking Lesson 1 Lecture (0) The instructor introduces global banking and financial institutions using the lecture notes and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Global Banking Lesson 1 Discussion on Banks and Globalization (0) The instructor asks the students to find out how their (and their family’s) life is affected by banks.
  • Global Banking Lesson 1 Analysis Activity (0) The instructor asks the students to find out the largest banks in the world and compare the banks with the GDP of developing countries.


Background Readings for the Instructor

Optional Resources



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