Gender Poster Presentation
Gender Poster Presentation

Individual or Group Role (2-3 Students) :
Each student or group is a UNIFEM United Nations appointed ambassador hired to mount a campus awareness campaign of a global gender-based problem or a perceived problem extending out of gender systems/ideologies contained in  the Levin Global Workforce Module.   Your campaign must include multiple perspectives that produce/operate within /sustain the problem and attempt to draw in strategies of resistance, accommodation, and hybridity as the problem has evolved over time.

Potential Poster Topics:
Veiling     Gender Equality and Globalization   Sexual Slavery
Global Feminisms  Masculinities      Women and Poverty
Women in Family/Work Race/ Class/Gender    Sexuality in Globalization

Each person or group will produce a persuasive campaign poster that they will present orally to the class.  If logistically feasible, we organize/run a poster session for the campus community.

Each student will individually narrate the campaign in a paper tracing the issues the campaign exposes, its traditions and roots, and its permutations if any over time as a consequence to globalization and modernization.  The paper should expose the campaign’s intended purpose, outcome, audience, and should rest on a position that integrates student’s own perspective with the perspectives to the problem.

You will present you poster/paper to the class in a formal oral presentation using Microsoft Power Point.  We will also hold a class poster session during the last week of classes where we will present our posters to the campus community.

The poster project approach must:
 explore an issue relevant to the course
 use a research base
 present the final project orally to the class/campus

Look at the campaign through the eyes of someone living in the Middle East. What alternations would you have to make to this poster to transfer this campaign to the Middle East so that it would be effective?