Diversity Assignment
Diversity Assignment

Personal Values in Recreation and Leisure Assignment

Goal of the assignment: Discover multiple perspectives on leisure experience from various cultures and learn how to compare and contrast the finding that will build awareness among the students to view the world through broader lenses. Besides attaining diverse knowledge from a different point of view, the students will also learn how to communicate cross culturally that will equip them with the skills to work in a global environment.

Interview ONE person who is from a different country. You would need to prepare a power point presentation that includes the following information. Images from the country you are researching should be included based on the relevant information.


Each student is required to choose a specific country and conduct a country analysis using sites like CIA World Factbook and other Web-based resources to gather information on the following areas:

a.         Political and Socio-economic structure

b.         Religion and level of education

c.         Demography (Include the present diagram of the population Pyramid

d.         Popular culture (Sports, music, social activities, festivals, number of holidays)

e.         Places to visit (Tourism)

f.          Communication Structure: access to internet, phone, cable etc.


1. Provide a brief description on the background of your interviewee without disclosing his or her name. Don’t forget to mention that their name and identity will not be disclosed during your interview.

Ask them about their recreational and leisure attitudes and behaviors. Be sure to include:

  • The importance of recreation and leisure in their lives.
  • List activities they currently participate in.
  • Traditional Food, dresses if they have any
  • Activities they would like to participate in (why or why not).
  • Constraints they face to experience certain types of leisure activities
  • Their views about the importance of work and recreation in their lives.
  • Their views on American way of life
  • Places the interviewee might ask you to tour if you are visiting the country
  • Other questions that you feel would add insight to this interview concerning leisure values/behaviors.

Step 3

Based on the communication, develop a culturally sensitive inclusive leisure program considering the background of the individual and identify the major components that helped both of you to make the decision.

Step 4

Summarize any similarities or differences between you and the interviewees. Speculate as to the reasons for these similarities or differences.’

Step 5

Identify your idea of the country before and whether it changed based on the interview. If so, what were some of your thoughts that changed?

Step 6

Articulate your thought on the overall experience with the interview and judge the effectiveness of this assignment on building awareness on a culture that is different from their own. You will need to hand over this one page summary along with the PowerPoint presentation.