Demographics Lesson 6 Conclusion
Demographics Lesson 6 Conclusion

Time: 5-10 minutes
Objective 4
Skills: Holistic Thinking and Cross-Cultural Communications
Related Resources: n/a

Write a brief response to the following questions.  If time, share with 1-2 neighbors.

1)  How well do the family histories analyzed in our class correspond with the following quote? 

Among the main reasons explaining why it is so difficult to generalize about the causes and consequences of migration are the diversity and complexity of the phenomenon as well as the difficulty of separating migration from other socio-economic and political processes. Moreover, it is often difficult to combine macro- and micro-level theories of migration. This has led scholars to conclude that there will probably never be a general theory on migration.    — Hein de Haas, 2008

2) What difference would it make if our class sampling was more globally representative, rather than primarily US-focused?

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