Demographics Lesson 4 Rethinking Overpopulation
Demographics Lesson 4 Rethinking Overpopulation

This lesson plan examines a variety of viewpoints on the issue of overpopulation. Students apply theoretical knowledge of population growth theories to establish the extent to which the theoretical propositions in the theory match the reality of particular population groups. In addition, students examine competing claims concerning the related issue of world hunger.

Relevant Learning Objectives
3.    Discuss the contending arguments about overpopulation threats


Possible Classroom Activities

  • Demographics Lesson 4 Introduction (0) Some believe that overpopulation does not cause hunger. Watch film and debate the premise that politics, violence, and other factors that impede access.
  • Demographics Lesson 4 Debunking Overpopulation Myths (0) Ask the students to respond to the statements in the cartoons provided in the New Internationalist reading. This assigned discussion allows students to debunk common myths about overpopulation.
  • Demographics Lesson 4 Dodging Doomsday (0) Select segments from Dodging Doomsday to show in class. In Dodging Doomsday, the segment on Mauritius as a “success story” that has escaped the ‘over population’ trap is a refreshing example that can be used to counter the overgeneralization that all African countries are rapidly growing.
  • Demographics Lesson 4 Solyent Green (0) Watch and discuss the science fiction movie Solyent Green. Clips can be choosen from Youtube as well.
  • Demographics Lesson 4 Reflection (0) Is the world over- or under-populated and why? Note students can answer both, they just need to provide their reason.



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