Culture and Human Rights Assessments
Culture and Human Rights Assessments

Answer the following questions briefly. The assignment should not exceed 2 pages.

1. What do human rights mean to you? And why do you think it is important to understand our right to experience leisure?

2. Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in combination with life experience : Identify the articles that address the issue of leisure and recreation directly or indirectly? Briefly explain the significance of these articles to promote leisure and recreation in the world?

3. How is your view similar and different from the view of human rights and leisure as set forth by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

4. Write a two-page reaction to what you learned through the films and readings about Indigenous education in the United States and Australia. How does race play a role in the history of Indigenous people in both countries? What, if any, human rights were violated in this educational process? Why do you think this happened in the history of both countries?

Lesson 1: UDHR quiz (41 questions)