About the Curriculum

The Global Workforce Curriculum was developed by faculty and staff from the SUNY Levin Institute, SUNY Cortland, and the College at Brockport. These three institutions created the SUNY Global Workforce Project (GWP), which prepares undergraduate students to compete effectively in the global economy, through programs developed to enhance global understanding and requisite global workforce skills of the 21st century. The project was proposed to and was subsequently funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Program (UISFL).

From 2009 – 2012, the Global Workforce Curriculum was developed by content experts and reviewed by globalization specialists and pedagogy experts. The curriculum was piloted in nearly 50 classes reaching more than 1800 students. It was assessed and revised multiple times to ensure the highest quality teaching activities. Click here to read the list of project team.

The Global Workforce Curriculum consists of ten, six-hour modules: 1) Culture and Human Rights, 2) Demographics, 3) Gender and Globalization, 4) Global Banking and Finance, 5) Global Health, 6) Global Services, 7) Nationalism and State Sovereignty, 8) Sustainability, 9) Technology, and 10) Trade.

Each of these modules contains at least six, one-hour lesson plans. Each of these lesson plans contain multiple activities that address the module learning objectives, as well as teach one or more of the identified global skills: holistic thinking, technology skills, and cross-cultural communications. A large number of activities are provided in each lesson plan, so that the instructor can pick and choose which ones are most relevant for his or her course. Please note, if the instructor decides to teach all of the activities in any given lesson, the lesson will often take more than one hour to complete.

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